Let's Get Flowing Box

Bitchy Box

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Let's Get Flowing Box - Bitchy Box


For the tween in your life who finally got punched in the ovaries by Mother Nature. Celebrate the transition by sending this one time box to celebrate her future of rage blackouts, chocolate cravings, and awkward moments in the school bathroom.

HOT WEATHER WARNING! Emergency Chocolate bar will be replaced with another item when shipped. Your pour tween already is dealing with a bloody mess! No need to add a brown one!

Notebook comes in 3 different themes:

  • "things that annoy me"
  • "fresh rants" 
  • "daily disappointments"

If you want a specific theme notebook, please mention it in comments during check out.

2XL, 3XL, 4XL can be ordered upon request. bloatedandfussy@gmail.com

If you are a nosy rosy, and MUST see what will be inside, and you like to ruin surprises, click here: Let's Get Flowing

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