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The Start of the Flow:

Bitchy Box was created by two sisters who are sick of taking periods lightly. What started as a joke became a reality. Tired of dreading our periods, we came up with the idea to get excited about them instead. After a particularly severe period induced rage blackout (read the full story in our blog post here), where an innocent husband was thrown directly into the wrath of the Red Beast, the idea came to us as an opportunity to do something to make periods more bearable and possibly save the lives of innocent men, women, and children across the country.

Bitchy Box offers women the opportunity to have something fun to look forward to every month. Developing the Bitchy Box brand also allows us to support local businesses and women run organizations within our own community by featuring local goods and customized items in our boxes. We guarantee you can think of at least one person who could benefit from the perks of a Bitchy Box.

Company History:

Bitchy Box LLC originates from West Bloomfield, MI (Metro Detroit area) and started in the fall of 2016, with our site going live in January 2017. We’ve served women all over the United States (even Alaska – they get periods up there too!) and into Canada from Alberta to Newfoundland.






The Box Sisters:
Katie Isenberg – Director of Operations and Owner -
Handles day-to-day Bitchy Box operations. Maintains website and online store, coordinates partnerships with other businesses, and a bunch of other crap that makes her pull her hair out. 

Lindsay Gestro – Social Media Director -
Handles all social media sites and communication with followers. Hilarious blog writer. Assists in curating the monthly theme of the subscription boxes and box inserts. 


Press Samples:


BitchyBox Subscription Review | August 2017

September 7, 2017



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"Staining Things."

Posted on December 9, 2017, at 9:51 a.m.

Crystal Ro - Staff Writer


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